To Partners / To Beneficiary of Payment

Company LLC «Brismoney» has huge experience working with different technologies to accept and record payments and is looking to work with:

  • mobile network operators;
  • insurance companies;
  • internet-companies;
  • credit organizations;
  • and other companies providing services to the public.


Advantages of the system

   «BRIS Money» - it is a system which is developed as a commercial software product to accept payments. This approach gives the customer wide range of benefits:

Maximum commission

   Making payments can be arranged by various communication channels depending on the proposed commission rates. Commission rate on each communication channel can be set up in the «BRIS Money» system separately for every payment acceptance outlet.

Flexibility in application

   The software allows you to remotely load software updates to the terminals, to add new payees and monitor the status of payment acceptance outlets. It is possible to monitor technical parameters of the terminals that need cash collection, receipt paper replacement, etc. Payments to recipients and system dealers are automated.


   Broad options of scalability are innate in the ideology of the «BRIS Money» system. Architecture of the decision enables to operate with thousand of payment acceptance outlets and accept payments for hundred of recipients without “heavy” server back-end solutions.


   Whilst developing system we have looked at different services that are popular by regular people, such as housekeeping, nursery school payments etc. This means that the list of the payments accepted by each terminal, can be adjusted for the each specific place of its installation without any additional adaptation.

Multi Vendor Policy

   «BRIS Money» system is not connected to any specific equipment producer: the operations are supported by wide range of the peripheral devices of various producers. The list of the devices being supported is continuously growing.

Benefits for the payee

  • the ability to receive payments from retail customers of banks participators of «BRIS Money» services;
  • new sale channels and expanding network of payment acceptance outlets without efforts to attract new partners: increasing customer loyalty, fast collections of funds which increases turnover;
  • access to all participating banks of the «BRIS Money» services: reduction costs for the automation and support of software gateways to various banks;
  • exchange of legal documents between the parties of the «BRIS Money» services in a secure environment RBS: reducing costs for delivery.


Maintenance and support

   The system «BRIS Money» holds complete and detailed technical documentation and professional technical support. At all stages of the project to implement system «BRIS Money» the customer has a wide range of consulting services.

   For cooperation you can contact our specialists.