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   The system «BRIS Money» makes it possible for the Bank to expand its range of bank services to individuals, thereby increasing the profitability of commissions for cash operations.

Advantages for the bank:

  • organization of convenient and secure payment service for the goods and services by Bank customers available within the «BRIS Money» service;
  • providing connection to additional suppliers by outsourcing;
  • a significant increase in the number of payment acceptance outlets under private contracts;
  • decrease in operation costs of the Bank: reducing intensity on operating units, an increase of account balances of individuals, reducing the costs for collection ATM network.

Benefits for the individual clients of the bank:

  • the ability to pay for goods and services to the extensive list of providers that are connected to the service «BRIS Money» via RBS, payment terminals and other points of payment reception;
  • the ability to replenish the accounts and payment of invoices issued by suppliers into secure environments of banking channels of receiving payments.