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1. Cash collection via Bank terminal

We offer a service enrollment of cash to the account of your organization through a special bank self-service terminal, stated directly on the territory of your company. This enables to surrender cash receipts quick and convenient twenty four hours a day without awaiting for the collectors.

You will have the following advantages by realizing the present project:

• Use the collector services 24hours a day 24x7, you can bring the gains to the terminal immediately after it is received. You will not worry any more on its safety, you don’t need the cash box;
• The stuff has no necessity to form the bags for the collectors and waste time on it;
• Reduction of risks connected to human factor, the collector equipment can check the moneys authentication, as well as the accuracy of recount and the amount credited to the account;
• The collected revenue allocated to the account till 10:30 next working day and they can be used at once;
• Convenience to receive the reports on the collection in all retail locations on line: to the e-mail of the accountant and other responsible officers (under your intention) the register with the allocated amount and the fee charged for the collection – which is very convenient to keep the records of the revenue for each retail location and collected organizations
• The terminal is situated on the territory of your store free of charge;
• The place to situate the terminal you choose by your own, the installation can be made in the back rooms or in the shop floor;
• When the terminal is filled our collectors bring out the funds from the terminal;
• Reduction of operating costs;
• Guaranteed safety of the finds;
• There this no use to pack the money and arrange the accompanying documents;
• Violation of the cash limits are excluded.


For service creation in terminals, Your organization can use your own logo.


This service is suitable for:


-Large and small retail trade networks;

-Online shopping and Express delivery services;

-Cafes and restaurants;

-Sports and entertainment centers, beauty salons and other service centres.


How it works:     


Responsible person contributes the gains to the terminal at a convenient time, by any parts and the funds are transferred online to Your Bank account.


The rate also includes for free the following services:


  • Recount of cash;
  • Installation of the terminal on your territory;
  • 24-hour customer support;
  • 24-hour technical support;
  • Your personal manager.


In such a way, You get fast, convenient, safe way of cash collection of gains.



2. Cash e-teller (seller)


Cash e-teller – the payment of your products and services through the bank terminal.

The service "cash e-teller" - software and hardware solutions for the business, which will allow your customers to pay for purchases and services in your organization.

Payment terminal will replace the round-the- clock work of the cashier and will automate the sales process.


This product allows you to:


-         Accept payments without the cashier (seller) around the clock;

-         Automate the process of payment services;

-         Optimize costs (maintenance of cash, cashier's salary, collection);

-         Monitor the payments received;

-         Perform money transfer on-line mode;

-         Reducing the document;

-         Convenient and easy for your customers;

-         Reduce the risks associated with handling and storage of cash, avoid errors and fraud staff;

-         Solve the problem of queues to pay


The service "E-teller" is successfully used:


-         retailer stores;

-         wholesale organization and warehouses;

-         car service centers;

-         management companies and settlement centers;

-         medical and educational institutions


The specialized banking terminal  is required for implement this service, designed to work with both cash and non-cash payments. The equipment is available for free on the conditions of use and return in the case of termination of the contract. If necessary, the Bank performs revision device to your needs free of charge. Cost of the service varies in a range of 1-2% of the turnover of passing through the terminal.


Additionally, the terminals may be implemented a variety of additional services for Your clients such as:


  • Payment for services of mobile operators (MTS, MegaFon, Beeline, Tele2, etc.);
  • Housing and utilities services, membership dues and other payments;
  • Repayment of credit: Russian Standard, Alfa-Bank, Citibank, Bank Home Credit and etc.;
  • Payments in budget organizations: tax inspection, traffic fines;    
  • Services of commercial TV: STREAM TV, AKADO, Cosmos TV, NTV-plus, etc.;
  • Services of Internet service providers: QWERTY, Yota, Beeline-Internet, STREAM, etc.;