Technologies / Information and payment service "BRIS Money"

   Information and payment service «BRIS Money» provides instant delivery of information about the accounts to payers and the delivery of information about the facts of payments to suppliers of goods or services.

   Information and payment service «BRIS Money» provides interbank cooperation, bringing together all contracts with entities of all banks and their own service contracts «BRIS Money» in a single pool of contracts available for payment and is consolidating the center responsible for the flow of information about payments between payers and recipients, its protection, processing and storage.

   Information and payment service «BRIS Money» acts as a conduit for information on the details of the payment from the vendor to the bank and the payment status of the corresponding payment from the Bank to the vendor, in this case is not a payment system and is not involved in the calculation and payment acceptance.

   On the basis of the account details received from the supplier, information and payment service «BRIS Money» allows you to create a payment document among RBS or other systems that ensure the Bank to accept payments. Information on the status of the payment order is delivered to the supplier immediately.