Technologies / Self-service terminal (Cash e-teller)

   Cash e-teller – the payment of your products and services through the bank terminal.

   The service "cash e-teller" - software and hardware solutions for the business, which will allow your customers to pay for purchases and services in your organization.

   Payment terminal will replace the round-the- clock work of the cashier and will automate the sales process.


This product allows you to:

  • Accept payments without the cashier (seller) around the clock;
  • Automate the process of payment services;
  • Optimize costs (maintenance of cash, cashier's salary, collection);
  • Monitor the payments received;
  • Perform money transfer on-line mode;
  • Reducing the document;
  • Convenient and easy for your customers;
  • Reduce the risks associated with handling and storage of cash, avoid errors and fraud staff;
  • Solve the problem of queues to pay.


The service "E-teller" is successfully used:

  • Retailer stores;
  • Wholesale organization and warehouses;
  • Car service centers;
  • Management companies and settlement centers;
  • Medical and educational institutions.


   The specialized banking terminal  is required for implement this service, designed to work with both cash and non-cash payments. The equipment is available for free on the conditions of use and return in the case of termination of the contract. If necessary, the Bank performs revision device to your needs free of charge. Cost of the service varies in a range of 1-2% of the turnover of passing through the terminal.