Payment System / Safety of Payments

 The main intention of the system developers is to ensure highest security level for the online payments. Unique instruments of protection applied in the system ensure security of the payment operations. We secure the safety of the personal data and the process of the payments for the goods and services.

As an instrument of protection include:

The use of electronic digital signature (EDS)

   The digital signature can be defined as an algorithm by which the author (officially it is called the owner of the electronic signature) "signed" message. By signing the recipient can verify that the message was signed by the author, and not someone else. Electronic signature ensures that the signed electronic document cannot be faked or modified.

The use of cryptographic methods of payments security

   Under cryptographic protection means data encryption. Special cryptographic algorithms can be used to close the access to information about the wallet and execution of financial transactions. Even if the attacker can intercept and decode the message, it will only get access to information in a given file without the ability to decrypt other messages, and without the ability to damage the whole system. By using the operation amounts limitation and key of sufficient length such unlawful activity becomes economically meaningless.

   If you have any questions regarding payment process, you can contact the customer service at any time.