Payment System / Blockchain


One of the features of the solutions we develop is the use of blockchain technology.

Why Blockchain?

Continuity - each block of transactions contains a link to the previous block and to the next one

Distributions - copies of the transaction hashes are stored by each participant of the transaction, which "kills" the need for intermediaries. All interaction takes place directly.

Security - all transactions are encrypted with 256-bit encryption.

Inability to overwrite transactions - all transactions are lined up in a continuous chain, which excludes forgery of data.

Areas of application in our products:

Financial operations:

Blockchain gained fame as the backbone of crypto currencies. But its appliance is much demanded in other, traditional financial transactions.

Such as:

    • Accounting of payments
    • Coordination of balances
    • Marking of unique documents

Protected electronic workflow

Blockchain allows you to create continuous chains of blocks. Blocks in this case are documents that are tagged with unique signatures. Technology completely excludes forgery of documents, which is the guarantor of their authenticity.