BRISMONEY COM / Advantages

Payment system «BRIS Money» is interested in the success of its Therefore, the company undertakes to attract and keep existing clients by offering stable and technological software and professional customer care.
Steady operation

Terminal which is free of faults is - Your stable income. Payment system «BRIS Money» does everything to make sure that your terminals work continuously and without interruption. For this purpose the company has developed sustainable software and constantly continues its improvement. Special monitoring service was created to look after terminals 24/7 and minimize faults of the terminal such as jammed banknotes, missing connection or some other reasons. Bris Money specialists will inform you on any technical problems. Technical Support Services also controls functioning of your devices and where possible will eliminate the problem remotely. The stability of the system is ensured by our technology.

Satisfied customers

The ticket to success of any business - satisfied customers. Software developments «BRIS Money» provide a guaranteed rapid passage of payments in the system.

The company constantly improves the system increases the speed of processing payments. As a result, users will get their payments on time, and you get satisfied customers.

The complete range of providers

By expanding range of services on your terminals will increase number of loyal customers and your profitability.

At your request it is possible to add additional suppliers to payment system «BRIS Money».

You can choose the provider which will bring you maximum profit. So we are ready to modify for you the software to accept payments in favor of various condominiums and other businesses in your area.

Extended service

System "BRIS Money" is interested in the success of Your business and does everything in order to develop it. The Company provides complete and comprehensive support for the partners: from technical to legal. Service «BRIS Money» is always at your service and ready to solve any tasks.